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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Apr 15 2010

Gemini Meeting - Thursday April 15, 2010

  • SubProject status reports
    • Web
      • got checkin approval for parallel IP
      • still sorting out some the build issues from previous dependencies on Virgo
    • JNDI
      • about to enter file CQs today
      • should piggyback on existing CQs for OSGi dependencies
      • has made the required web site enhancements
      • old web sites still around
      • Action: Bob - send an email to webmaster about removing the sites
    • JMX
      • The code is now in good shape and Hal is about to embark on the process of getting it checked in
      • Doesn't think there are many references to "JMX" or other copyrighted acronyms in the code
      • package name is going to be org.eclipse.gemini.mgmt
      • Action: Mike - give Hal an egg
      • Action: Mike - resend license header to Hal to put in the code before submitting
    • JPA
      • Code is checked in
      • Sorting out the license files and the build
      • Dependencies are not available yet (not sure how long they will take)
    • Action: Mike to talk to JJ and Costin to see if they need any other help with their projects
  • Web site update
    • Chris has been working on some logos and will propose them soon
    • Will go on to the web sites after
  • Licenses and license files
  • Round table/Questions
    • Meeting time seems to work for everyone
    • Would like to get a mentor involved. Need to know if it is the time or if some other factor is keeping them away

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