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Ganymede Policies on Package Visibility

We currently do not have any Ganymede policy on how to handle the package visibility in bundles. Some projects, such as the Eclipse Top Level Project, have a strict, "all visible" policy and others such as WTP, have followed that in the past, but are considering changing their policy to allow some packages to be hidden.

At a minimum, for Ganymede, we should request all Ganymede participants at least document their policy. I am not sure we could or should have any completely consistent cross-project policy, since a project's committers and clients are all different and they have different requirements and motivations to do one way or another.

This page is to start the discussion and documentation on how to handle this in Ganymede. If everyone agrees, and it seems useful and constructive, we can "move" this information to the main Ganymede page, but thought it best to start separate, in case everyone (else) say they don't care (or, that they don't know what I'm talking about :)

Project Visibility Policy
DSDP TM: Platform Policy (strictly visible)
ECF  ??
EMF policy decided by components; Core avoids internal classes almost entirely; QTV hides internals
EMFT policy decided by components
GEF  ??
GMF  ??
MDT  ??
Mylyn  ??
SOA Tools Platform (STP) Project  ??
TPTP (Platform, Test, Trace, Monitoring) [from mailing list] stated "no change in policy", observation shows they do not require all visible
Web Tools Platform (WTP) Project allow non-visible (that is, sub-projects and components can decide)
Eclipse Top Level Project strictly visible

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