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GMF Project Plan Draft

This page is used to list/discuss potential plan items for the next release of GMF. The release is tentatively numbered 2.1, as we do not expect any API breaking changes at the moment.

A list of outstanding bugs following the 2.0 release is here.

Proposed Themes

These will eventually need to align with the overall release train themes, as well as with the Modeling Project themes, but for now we can propose some old favorites:

  • Performance - Add performance tests to the build process with standard reporting provided by the framework.
  • Documentation - Update and extend the existing documentation for both the tooling and runtime.

Proposed Plan Items

  • Synchronized Container Use Cases - A list of use cases that need to be discussed, along with open bugzillas requiring resolution in order to support them.
  • Provide solution for intermediate container without graphical node [bug]
  • Generate Java 5 code
  • Improve generator flexibility, specificially w.r.t. to aspects like EditHelpers
  • Improve generator efficiency and add incremental generation capabilities
  • Add the ability to work with dynamic EMF models
  • Improve packaging (separate lite runtime, rcp, etc. bundles)

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