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GEF3D Limitations

We (the GEF3D team) have only implemented features as far as we need them or users asks for them. If you need other or more features or bugfixes, feel free to contribute! The following list gives an overview of some features which are not implemented yet (or not working properly):

  • Connections can be created, but they cannot be selected. 269337)
  • Currently, only GEF related handles are supported for moving or resizing. Handles for z-resizing or rotation are not implemented yet. Also, planes cannot be interactively be moved yet due to no appropriate handles. (bug 269338)
  • DirectEdit is working -- but the locator for the SWT widget is not ported to 3D yet. That is, if you use direct edit, the SWT widget is created at the wrong position. (bug 269339)
  • Scrolling planes are not supported yet (bug 269340)

Fixed problems:

  • Rotation is working, but there might be some problems, e.g. when converting coordinates. Also feedback figures might not work on rotated sufaces properly. (bugs 263441, 262529, 261165)

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