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Fedora Eclipse Packages


This diagram details the inter-dependancies of the Fedora Eclipse 3.2.1 packages. Feel free to modify the original dia source file for your distribution's Eclipse packages.


The packages mirror the features from the upstream SDK with the following exceptions:

  1. The eclipse-ecj package contains the jdt.core plugin with symlinks in /usr/share/java so that the batch compiler can be used without installing the full JDT and dependencies.
  2. The eclipse-pde-runtime package contains the pde.runtime plugin so that non-SDK features that require pde.runtime don't have to pull in the PDE feature.
  3. There is an additional dependency from the eclipse-pde package to the eclipse-platform-sdk package. The idea here is that a user who installs the eclipse-pde will most likely want the view source code from the Platform when they are coding up their plugins.

With this setup the only post/postun tweaking that needs to be done is that eclipse.product needs to be set appropriately in eclipse/configuration/config.ini - we no longer need the rebuild-sdk-features script. When the eclipse-rcp package is installed, eclipse.product should be commentted out (i.e. set to "#eclipse.product"). When the eclipse-platform package is installed, eclipse.product should be set to org.eclipse.platform.ide (i.e. "eclipse.product=org.eclipse.platform.ide"). And finally, when the eclipse-sdk package is installed, eclipse.product should be set to org.eclipse.sdk.ide (i.e. "eclipse.product=org.eclipse.sdk.ide"). Refer to the %post/%postun sections of the Fedora Eclipse spec file for implementation details.

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