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Equinox Minutes - 20070612

June 12, 2007


  • launcher bug
    • launcher not displaying dialog
    • exit messages not getting displayed on windows
    • talk to Mike but probably will be for 3.3.1
  • pde/build export
    • bogus folder being created and ini file put in wrong place
    • investigate for 3.3 but prob for 3.3.1
    • might be able to give a work-around
    • only when exporting from windows to the mac and you want your own product.ini file
  • pde/build template update for packaging.properties
    • fix for 3.3


  • make lists
  • start thinking about things we believe are critical for 3.4
  • take some time to look at the things we have put off - if they are important then put them on the list

Equinox Summit

  • around the last week in September
  • 2 days in Ottawa
  • in conjunction with the CDT Summit
  • some potential general topics
    • conventional osgi
    • provisioning
    • server-side
    • tooling
  • what should the format be?
  • need lots of time for discussion
  • max people is 50
  • model it after the CDT Summit as they've had success in the past