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Equinox Minutes - 20070605

June 5, 2007


  • update manager bug reviews
  • looking at 3 launcher bugs for RC4
    • going to defer the gentoo one until 3.3.1/3.4


  • andrew has been working on pde/build doc - doesn't have commit rights so has been attaching patches
  • we must be careful about doc'ing things which weren't doc'd previously
  • ensure API is doc'd
  • but if certain things aren't doc'd (e.g. equinox bundles) then we shouldn't doc them unless its intended
  • there is a line in the API rules saying: if there is no javadoc, then it is to be assumed that it isn't API
  • server-side javadoc and schema doc is done
  • references to startup.jar should be fixed now
  • should we have a trouble-shooting section in the doc?


  • reviewing orbit about files
    • need to send note to mailing list
  • gathering new and noteworthy for 3.3 from our team
    • launcher
    • app model
    • osgi r4.1 / jsr 291
    • custom splash screen support
    • embedded jetty support
    • http registry
    • help using jetty
    • servlet bridge
    • pde/build - performance, fetching and building against pre-built pieces
    • orbit