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Eclipse DemoCamps Juno 2012/Krakow/Contest


Mug4bug is an exciting contest to fix a bug or provide a simple feature in Eclipse. Since bugzilla is full of bugs we decided to narrow the list to issues that are not trivial but not too hard to tackle at the same time. All of them are valid issues and we would be very happy to have them all fixed.

The #Prizes will be handed to winners during the event.

You’ve got 3 weeks. Are you up to the challenge?


EGit (contact person Tomek):

Platform/Team (contact person Gosia):

Orion, Platform/Resources (contact person Szymon):


A T-shirt or a mug for each accepted fix!

Every submitted fix also gets an extra beer!


If you're new to git or Gerrit you may find these wikis useful:

If you've got any questions regarding a particular bug feel free ping the contact person.

If you need help providing a fix or if you want to fix a bug which is not on the list ping Tomek.

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