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Eclipse 4diac Wiki/Development/4diac Releng

Short checklist for 4diac releases:

  1. if minor/major release update version information
    • Update main version info (Manifest, pom):
      • org.eclipse.fordiac.ide
      • org.eclipse.fordiac.product
      • org.eclipse.master
    • For minor releases
      • update any plugins to new version numbers if needed
      • update according features
  2. prepare branding
    • Update splash screen
    • Update update version number in VM Arguments: -Declipse.buildId= (this is needed for AERI)
  3. Prepare git repositories
    • For Major and bug fix releases merge release branch to master
    • Tag commit with release (e.g., 1.9.0.M1, 1.10.1)
  4. Build 4diac-ide
    • Trigger build in 4diac Hipp instance
    • Download build results
    • rename output files according to release: 4diac-ide-incubation_version_platform.ending (e.g., 4diac-ide-incubation_1.9.0.M2_linux.gtk.x86.tar.gz,
  5. Assemble FORTE
    • clone anonymous git :
    • change to release branch
    • zip forte and name it
  6. Put it onto eclipse download site
    • Connect to (sftp
    • go into release dir (e.g., /home/data/httpd/
    • Update release specific update sites
  7. Update download web site
  8. Prepare news for:
    • 4diac webseite, mirror on sourceforge
  9. Announce it on
    • LinkedIn
    • Xing
    • Google+
    • Researchgate
    • Freshcode

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