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EclipseTestingDay2010 Verit

System and Integration Testing of Distributed Systems with PETA

PETA is a platform for automated, message based testing of distributed software systems like service oriented architectures (SOA), n-tier/multi-tier architectures (J2EE, .NET), web services, client/server applications and browser based web applications.

PETA utilizes the Eclipse Platform and its sub projects like EMF, GEF, and TPTP to provide testers and developers a consistent and integrated development environment for developing tests and user-supplied, Java-based platform plug-ins.

PETA allows the graphical modeling of test cases in a fully integrated Eclipse based development environment and offers the capability of simulating the behavior of each software component. This allows rapid prototyping or integration testing with not yet completed components.

PETA supports a multitude of transport protocols and abstracts the communication process from specific implementations utilizing XML as the unified message format.

Browser interactions can be captured during execution and automatically transformed into editable and executable test cases with complete access to the HTTP/HTTPS transport layer.

PETA can both be employed for functional testing purposes like regression-, integration- or system tests as well as non-functional load or stress tests using the same test case base.

About the speaker

Klaus Mandola

Dipl. Inform Klaus Mandola studied at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern and is a Senior Developer and testing expert at verit Informationsysteme GmbH. He is involved in the planning and development of PETA. In addition, he supervises test projects, both as team leader and as a tester.

Additonal Information

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