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EclipseTestingDay2010 Talk Xored

Exploding Functional/UI Testing Myths

If you're skeptical about functional/UI testing of Eclipse-based products – you should attend this talk. During the talk we'll show real-life applications developed and used by worldwide leading telecom companies, which are based on a wide set of Eclipse technologies. We will demo hundreds of tests covering Eclipse Platform, JDT, GEF, and GMF-based functionality running on various platforms as is, independent of platform windowing system, workbench sizes, order and/or subset of tests to be executed, and initial state of the system under test, which should explode a myth about UI tests being fragile.

During the talk we will show how your test plans can be automated and maintained by non-technically skilled persons, producing and/or maintaining up to hundred of testing scenarios per day; how test engineers can write complex assertions, which are not limited to UI but cover wide set of functionality of Eclipse project; and for TDD/BDD fans we will show how testing scenarios can be written with external DSL before coding the functionality. Note: this demo is strictly reflecting real-life software, and all the numbers (metrics) we'll reveal are based on real-life experience. No synthetic "Hello, World" applications will be allowed in the showroom. This is a highly vitalizing demo for people who develop Eclipse-based products, and does not affect others – you will not hear "Swing", "AWT", or "browser" words during the talk.

Warning: If you have negative experience automating UI testing of Eclipse-based software in your company, you may feel disconnected from reality at some points during the demo. In case of disconnection please take a deep breath, relax, and remember that no special effects has been used during the demo.

About the speaker

Ulyana Skorokhodova

Ulyana Skorokhodova is QA lead at Xored Software who automates functional testing of Eclipse-based products. While continuous integration systems at Xored send regression bug reports to dozen of software engineers, Ulyana is studying linguistics and believes that computer systems should interact with people in human manner. Mrs. Skorokhodova holds M.S. degree in Biology from Novosibirsk State University.


Exploding Functional/UI Testing Myths (PDF)


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