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EclipseTestingDay2010 Talk Seppmed

.getmore - The test case generator

.getmore is a test case generator based on eclipse. Together with model centric Testing (.mzT), an efficient method to design and specify (software) tests, .getmore provides an industrial solution to MBT. Using .mzT it is possible to achieve and even improve the systematic approach and the completeness of the test coverage. Model centric testing is based on a model based test design, extended by test management information and the tester's mindset. .mzT can be used for every kind of software and system test. It serves all relevant parts of software development, beginning with component view, which is focused on complete test coverage, and ending at system view, which in respect to the number of possible test cases is focusing on systematic reduction of test cases primarily.

How does it work?

Instead of single test case description, mzT is designing one "Test System", by using UML State or Activity diagrams. The test systems are usage models which represent the actual usage of the system under test. Therefore it is possible to not only verify but validate the system under test. The usage model is designed to fulfill the requirements of the system under test. Requirement tracing must is supported from the requirement tool to the test model to the test execution. The clarity of the test system can be assured by using a hierarchical approach for the design of these diagrams.

How do we get the test cases?

Using special test case generators it is possible to generate test cases automatically. The test case generator .getmore, based on the eclipse frame work, is the bridge between the tools of modeling, of test management and of test execution. .getmore is interpreting the Test System and produces the test cases using special strategies to traverse the Test System. Starting with test modeling the main goal was to generate all test cases. After the first successful projects the customers wanted not only to generate all test cases – but only the "needed test cases" because of test case explosion. Therefore many strategies were and are still to be developed to fulfill the customer needs. Coverage algorithms like "Full Path", "Full Node" or "Full Transition" are suitable for the first shot – but for specification algorithms like "Named Path" and "Guided Path" must be available. Mastering the first stage – presenting coverage algorithms – we are developing specialized algorithms to fit special needs, e.g. Best-N test cases – specific test purposes.

Advantage of model centric testing

By using models for software testing it is possible to outline complex situations in an understandable way. This eases the communication and coordination between different stakeholders. Because .mzT is describing the models from a user's point of view (Usage Models), it is possible to validate the defined and implemented requirements as well as to verify the implementation itself.


  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Telecommunication
  • Automation & Systems




Scientific Projects & Prototypes:

  • CETES (
  • TestNGMed (
  • TestNGMost (
  • GeTTeMo (
  • eMOTE Community: (german only)

Key Points:

  • Testcase generator .getmore based on eclipse
  • Introduction of an advanced Test Methodology
  • Putting modelbased test design into practice
  • Defining a common ground for open discussion between different stakeholders

About the speaker

Florian Prester

From 1998 to 2004 Florian Prester studied Computational Engineering at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. After his degree he worked as a research assistant at the Regionales RechenZentrum Erlangen-Nuremberg (RRZE). Since 2004 he is working for the GmbH, 2009 he became CEO. Since 2007 he is a research assistant at the University Erlangen-Nuremberg - Department 7 (Computer Networks and Communication Systems) His interests are test conception, modeling and test improvement. He is responsible for the development and sale of .getmore the test case generator based on eclipse.


.getmore - Test Case Generator (PDF)


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