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EclipseTestingDay2010 Talk Microdoc

eFitNesse: A Java Testing Framework for Embedded OSGi Programming

Existing Java testing methodologies for embedded systems suffer from weak tooling support for automated embedded test execution. As a result, automated test cases are often executed on the development machine instead of the actual target device. eFitNesse is a Java testing framework that supports execution of tests on the target hardware platform. Moreover, eFitNesse provides an easy to learn markup-language to define these tests. eFitNesse is based on the FitNesse acceptance testing framework. eFitNesse extends FitNesse by means of remote test execution for OSGi applications on Java ME enabled target platforms. We have introduced eFitNesse within our customer projects, which we also present in this paper. We describe our practical experience with eFitNesse for testing software components of conditional access systems of a leading company.

About the speaker

Marcus Harringer

Marcus Harringer is a software engineer and consultant at MicroDoc GmbH in Munich focusing on embedded Java and OSGi development. Marcus was involved in the introduction of TDD within the MicroDoc development process. Marcus holds a Dipl.Inf degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Salzburg/Austria.


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