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EclipseTestingDay2010 Talk Imbus

How complete are your tests? - Code Coverage in Eclipse

When the number of automated tests grows large during development, the question arises what the goals and the criteria should be for these tests, or, the other way around, how well these tests ensure software quality. - One criterion that is often used for this is code coverage: The tests should cover the code as well as possible.

In this talk, the various kinds of code coverage will be introduced together with their advantages and disadvantages. We will take a look at some tools for code coverage measurement for JVM-based programming languages, especially at those integrated with Eclipse: Some practical case studies will be demonstrated using EclEmma and eCobertura, again including a look at their respective strengths and weaknesses.

About the speaker

Joachim Hofer

Joachim Hofer studied computer science at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg after already winning the budding developers' award "Goldene Diskette" of German computer magazine "CHIP" twice in his youth. He joined imbus AG on 1998 as a student trainee and stayed there after graduating. Since then, he has driven the establishing of Java know-how in the company and works as the team leader in the J2EE project of the imbus-own product development team. In his free time, he develops the Eclipse plugin "eCobertura" which integrates the coverage tool "Cobertura" into Eclipse. Additionally, he is involved with the "Scala Users Southern Germany" and contributes his ideas to the development of the Scala IDE for Eclipse.


Code Coverage (PDF)


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