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EclipseTestingDay2010 QF

Preventing Bananaware: Test automation from a user's perspective for RCP applications

Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing might become a highly time- and resourceconsuming task, it is crucial to use GUI test-automation tools which are intuitive, support modularized testdevelopment and have a powerful widget-recognition. A tool that meets all these requirements is the well-established tool QF-Test provided by Quality First Software GmbH (, which supports Java GUI and Web GUI testing including JavaScript. For RCP applications QF-Test implements a very strong widget-resolving mechanism, which

  • recognizes a widget, independent from its screen position or size
  • recognizes the same widget after structural changes
  • recognizes the same widget, if additional widgets are introduced

Another aspect of GUI test-automation is modularized test development, which reduces the maintenance of test-scripts in case the workflow of the application changes. The demo shows the development of a GUI test for the RCP-Mail plug-in of Eclipse.

It consists of following steps:

  • Creating a full test-case
  • A closer look at QF-Test's widget-resolving mechanism
  • Hints how developers can support a robust widget-resolving
  • Techniques of robust test case development using modularization concepts

About the speaker

Martin Moser

Martin Moser has been working for Quality First Software GmbH as developer and consultant since October 2006. He is involved in several customer GUI testing projects for Java GUI technologies (Swing and SWT) since this time. Before his engagement at QFS he was working for daemons point GmbH as developer for an automated test-execution and test-management framework for over four years. At that time he was also involved in several test-automation projects for Hewlett-Packard.


Preventing Bananaware (PDF)


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