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Prepare CentOS

CentOS uses "yum" for repositories.

Adding the repository

Create a file called '/etc/yum.repos.d/EclipseSCADA.repo' with the following content:

# Eclipse SCADA milestone repository

name=Eclipse SCADA 0.2.x - Release


Issue the following command to verify:

yum list "org.eclipse.scada*"

It should fine some packages.

Prepare Suse

At the moment SLES11 won't work. There is no package for the "jsvc" binary.

Suse uses zypper for accessing yum repositories.

For SLES 12

SLES12 still does not bring support for "jsvc". But it seems possible to install the JSVC package from OpenSUSE.

zypper install

Adding the repository

All commands must be performed as user "root".

Add the repository to the system using the zypper command "addrepo":

zypper addrepo -G eclipsescada

Also add the openSCADA extension repository if you like:

zypper addrepo -G os-int # os-int for integration builds

And refresh the cache:

zypper refresh


Search for "org.eclipse.scada" packages using:

zypper search "org.eclipse.scada*"

It should fine some packages.

Install base package

Install the package 'org.eclipse.scada.p2' using:

yum install org.eclipse.scada.p2

or with zypper

zypper install org.eclipse.scada.p2

It will add some additional packages as dependencies, depending on your distribution this might be:

  • org.eclipse.scada-centos6
  • org.eclipse.scada-suse
Correct architecture
Watch out that it installed the correct architecture for 'org.eclipse.scada.deploy.p2director-incubation', if you are running a 64bit Java, you will also need the x86_64 version of that package.

Install configuration artifact

Copy the resulting RPM file from your configuration to the machine and install it using:

yum install <filename>.rpm

or with zypper

zypper install <filename>.rpm

Installing the package using "yum" instead of "rpm" will automatically install necessary dependencies.

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