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EclipseLink JPA Training: Introduction

Course Under Development

This page describes the EclipseLink JPA Introduction training course. The intent is produce a set of materials that are freely available and licensed under EPL & EDL so that community members can use these materials to train others.

Date Committer(s) Description
September 25, 2009 dclarke Initial Outline

Course Outline

Goal: Educate EclipseLink users on basic JPA usage


  • Introduction
    • Coarse goals and overview
    • JPA Terminology
    • Anatomy of a JPA Application
  • Configuration
    • persistence.xml, annotations, and orm.xml
    • Data sources and native connection pooling
  • Mapping
    • Direct Identity: Id, IdClass
    • Basic
    • Entity Relationships: OneToOne, ManyToOne, ManyToMany
    • Embeddable & EmbeddableId
    • ElementCollection/Map
    • MappedById (JPA 2.0)
    • Sequencing
    • Version Locking
  • Metamodel (JPA 2.0)
  • Querying
    • Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL)
    • NamedQuery
    • NativeQuery
    • CriteriaQuery
  • Transactions: Persistence Context
    • EntityManager & extended Persistence Context
    • JTA and EntityTransaction
    • Entity Lifecycle: Managed, Detached, New
    • Concurrency protection - Optimistic and Pessimistic Locking

Courseware Development

The courseware will be developed as part of the EclipseLink project in trunk @ /svnroot/rt/org.eclipse.persistence/trunk/documentation/courseware/jpa/introduction

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