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Proxying using Repository Managers (Nexus et al.)

We appreciate your attempt to proxy the EclipseLink repository using a repository manager like Nexus and others. It reduces load from our servers and speeds up your local builds by reducing traffic over the web. There is work in progress to publish our releases of EclipseLink on the Eclipse Foundation's Nexus instance at, but this is not finally done yet. Currently we only publish to a P2 instance directly, which is not trivial to proxy using a Maven repository manager due to technical differences, but it is possible with some helpful information:

Using Nexus Professional

Nexus Professional natively can proxy P2 repositories. Just provide the address "" and set the proxy type to P4. See for more details.

Using Nexus Open Source

Since Nexus Open Source cannot natively proxy P2 repositories, you have to take a bit more care:

You will be able to download artifacts using these seetings (which is what you primarily want), but note that you will neither be able to search nor browse artifacts that have not already been downloaded into the Nexus cache. The reason is that without native P2 support, Nexus read an index or list of artifacts found in the remote P2 repository. As this is only a secondary use of a repository manager, we hope you are not too disappointed. Remember, this will work as soon as we moved over to Eclipse's Nexus instance.

See for more detail.

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