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EclipseLink/Development/JPA 2.0/tuple from jpql

JPA 2.0: new jar-file url base

JPA 2.0 Root | bug 289141

Date Committer(s) Description
September 10, 2009 gyorke Initial feature template

Issue Summary

JPA 2.0 specification has introduced a map like query result type called a Tuple. The Tuple result type can be returned from a JPQL query. This item covers adding support for returning Tuples for a JPQL.

This issue is no longer in the JPA 2.0 specifcation and the work has been deffered until post JPA 2.0

General Solution

A new subclass of ReportQuery the TupleQuery exists to return tuples. The JPQL parser needs to be updated to supply aliases to the tuple elemented (selection items) and the EJBQueryImpl needs to be updated to cause the Tuple query to be created.

Work Estimate

Functional Requirements

  • Support Tuple return types from JPQL queries

Existing Feature Impact

Feature Supported Notes




Open Issues

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