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EclipseLink/Development/Dynamic/Design NativeXML

Dynamic Persistence Design: Native XML Configuration

The dynamic persistence support includes the use of XML to define the mappings and in effect the dynamic entity class structure. This support includes:

  1. Project deployment XML with Native ORM API
  2. Sessions.xml with Project deployment XML with Native ORM API
  3. Sessions.xml with Project deployment XML with EclipseLink JPA (using PU properties)

Project XML Usage - Native

The EntityTypeBuilder provides a static helper that allows a resource string describing the location of the project's deployment XMl file and a DatabaseLogin specifying the database connection/pool information.

DatabaseLogin login = AllTests.getTestLogin();
Project project = EntityTypeBuilder.loadDynamicProject("org/eclipse/persistence/testing/tests/dynamic/orm/projectxml/Employee_utf8.xml", login);
DatabaseSession session = project.createDatabaseSession();

Sessions.xml with Project XML - Native


Sessions.xml with Project XML - JPA

This configuration allows the sessions XML and project XML to be used directly through the JPA bootstrap API. It requires the additional use of persistence unit properties to specify the PU location and PU name.

<property name="eclipselink.sessions-xml" value="META-INF/mysession.xml"/>
<property name="eclipselink.session-name" value="MySession"/>

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