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Environment Setup

Download a version of the Eclipse IDE that includes the Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) (Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, Eclipse Classic 3.6.0 or
Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers). We will need an OSGi-friendly JDBC driver - for this example, we will use the Apache Derby bundle:

  • Download Apache Derby (org.apache.derby) bundle from Orbit.

EclipseLinkExamplesOSGiDeveloping with EclipseLink OSGi in PDE-2v2.png

  • Place the org.apache.derby bundle into your $ECLIPSE_HOME/dropins folder.

Under 'Preferences' -> 'Plug-in Development' -> 'Target Platform', edit the Running Platform (Active)
EclipseLink DBWS with OSGi Target Platform.png

{Note - once the Eclipse P2 Repository has the correct version of EclipseLink that supports running DBWS with OSGi,
the following steps will no longer be required and the EclipseLink target Component can be used}

EclipseLink builds after 2.1.2.v20100928-r8243 have EclipseLink DBWS available as a bundle
Extract the following 6 bundles to some directory:

$ ls additionalBundles/

Edit the Target Platform, adding the directory with the additional bundles:
EclipseLink DBWS with OSGi UpdatedBundles1.png

EclipseLink DBWS with OSGi UpdatedBundles2.png

Reload the Target Platform

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