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Advanced Customization - Part I: Jetty

The above example relies on the built-in JavaSE HTTP server ( which has some known issues (6675392, 6946825). A user may wish to 'swap-in' a different HTTP Server, such as Jetty, which can be added to the PDE Target Platform from the Helios P2 Update Repository:

EclipseLink DBWS with OSGi in PDE.png

Open the Manifest Editor and add the following to the Required Plug-ins list of dependencies:


There is a system property to override the built-in JavaSE HTTP server class:

{NB - the SPI used to load the new HttpServerProvider class is not OSGi-friendly; a revised version of can be found here}

The new HttpServerProvider can be found in maven .../org/mortbay/jetty/jetty-jaxws2spi/7.0.1.v20091125 in the package org.eclipse.jetty.jaxws2spi

prompt> ls

Once the above classes are added to the project and the required configuration changes are done, the existing code in simpletable.Activator will run - using Jetty - without modification.
EclipseLink DBWS with OSGi SimpleTable with Jetty running.png

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