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Optimizing SVN

  • If you notice a slowdown of network/disk transfers or your CPU is around 50% when moving a lot of files - the SVN cache scope must be minimized. It turns out that TSVNCache.exe (part of TortoiseSVN) is caching all I/O not just during SVN transactions.
  • 1) Depending on the files transfered or the dest being a network/usb drive your TSVN may use upto 30% of your CPU.
  • See the following - thanks Ron.
    • Disabling TSVN cache
    • In TortoiseSVN Settings, under Icon Overlays, set your Status cache to either Shell or None.
    • I have it set to None.
  • 2) Disable Virus protection - aka NAV
    • Not recommended, but by being very carefull you will not incur CPU and HD cycles on any file transfer.

Configuring SVN

  • To change the diff viewer from the default do the following
    • right click TortoiseSVN | Settings | External Programs | Diff Viewer = "C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 2\BC2.exe"


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