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  1. default paths:
    • src/main/java/..
    • src/main/resources/..
    • src/main/antlr/..
    • src/test/java/..
    • src/test/resources/..
    • Very sensitive to changes
    • SOLVED: Can redefine for current use
  2. Need compile dependecies in a repos (p2 works)
  3. Validation jar not valid OSGi Component
    • manifest doesn't match name, needs to be fixed to put in P2
  4. DBWS/Builder need manifest changes: servlet must be required bundle not a package import
  5. SDO needs manifest change: commomj-sdo must be required bundle not package import
  6. Ant linkage: mechanism? - solved. Need java call to invoke maven
  7. Source bundle generate: not working - solved. Use Tycho. example had typo.
  8. Product Cycle: NA for Tycho work can bypass. Maven adoption question.

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