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EMF Search UI

Contributes a new Participant Composite to the Model Search Dialog. As a result a new Tab item is added in the participants Tab folder.

* label - A pertinent localized name to be displayed in the participant Tab Item.
* participantCompositeAreaFactory - IModelSearchAreaFactory API implementation which responsability is to expose meta elements participant possible choices to user. A possible meta elements Checkbox Tree Viewer is decorated from the EMF edit ComposeableFactory created from ComposeableAdapterFactory.
* index - 0 based index where the tab will tentatively be inserted.
* id - ID to be reused by other extensions in order to refer to this particpant Tab.
* tooltip - A pertinent localized name to be displayed as tooltip of the participant tab.
* elementComposeableAdapterFactory - User wanting to display elements accordingly to their EMF based model must provide an instance of ComposeableAdapterFactory. This AdapterFactory will be in charge to display elements label and image.
* elementModelEditorSelectionHandler - Users must implement IModelElementEditorSelectionHandler APIs in order to describe the way they want a search result selection to be handled.
* image - A meaningfull particpant image to be displayed in the defined query tab.
* targetSearchPageID - An existing target search page ID the user wants to contribute his participantTab to.
* targetNsURI - nsURI of package this tab is dealing with

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