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EMF Search---GenModel Integration

GenModel is basically an Ecore model for Ecore generation. Thus, it was a natural candidate for an EMF Search integration.

GenModel elements are pretty similar to those defined in Ecore meta model. Search page has a simple textual expression area. GenModel extension of the EMF Search framework is very similar to the UML2 one. They are all inheriting from the Ecore one.

GenModel Textual Search Page

GenModel Navigation

Results are displayed in a very similar form than Ecore or UML2 ones.

GenModel Textual Result Page

Results allow to perform code generation actions as in the EMF genmodel legacy editor.

GenModel Textual Result Code Generation Actions

GenModel owns information enough to generate code *AND* navigate to source.

GenModel Textual Result Navigation To Java Code Action

User can come back to legacy Ecore editor at any time.

GenModel Textual Result Page Navigation To Ecore Element

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