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EL Validation Rules

Current diagnostics in JSF EL tooling
Diagnostic Format Default Severity Notes
GENERAL_SYNTAX_ERROR Syntax error in EL Warning
EMPTY_EL_EXPRESSION Empty EL expression Warning
VM_ROOT_NAME_NOT_FOUND 'var' cannot be resolved Warning
VM_PROP_NAME_NOT_FOUND 'property' cannot be resolved as a member of 'var' Warning
CANNOT_APPLY_OPERATORS_TO_MB Cannot apply expression operators to method bindings Error
MISSING_CLOSING_EXPR_BRACKET Missing closing bracket on expression Error
POSSIBLE_DIV_BY_ZERO Possible division by zero Error
UNARY_OP_EMPTY_ALWAYS_FALSE_ON_TYPE This empty expression always evaluates to false. Only string, maps, arrays and collection have meaningful values for the empty operator Warning
UNARY_OP_CANNOT_COERCE_ARGUMENT_TO_BOOLEAN Not operator does not support type coercion. Warning
TERNARY_OP_CANNOT_COERCE_CHOICE_TO_BOOLEAN_ID Could not coerce choice argument to boolean Error
BINARY_OP_BOTH_OPERANDS_NULL <operator> with operand 'null' is always zero Warning
BINARY_OP_COULD_NOT_MAKE_NUMERIC_COERCION Could not make numeric conversion for <name> operation Error
BINARY_OP_CONSTANT_EXPRESSION_ALWAYS_EVAL_SAME This <operation> will always result a value of <constant-value> Warning
BINARY_OP_EQUALITY_COMP_WITH_NULL_ALWAYS_EVAL_SAME Comparisons with null always evaluates to <constant-value> Warning
BINARY_OP_CANNOT_COERCE_ARGUMENT_TO_BOOLEAN Cannot coerce <name> argument to boolean Error
BINARY_OP_FIRST_ARGUMENT_SHORT_CIRCUITS false>. The second argument will never be evaluated and the <operation> to boolean will always evaluate to <true|false> Warning
BINARY_OP_SECOND_ARGUMENT_ALWAYS_EVAL_SAME false>. The <operation> will always evaluate to <true|false> Warning
BINARY_OP_NO_AVAILABLE_TYPE_COERCION Cannot coerce arguments for this operator Error
BINARY_OP_COULD_NOT_COERCE_LITERALS_TO_NUMBERS Could not coerce literals to numbers Error
UNARY_OP_CONSTANT_EXPRESSION_EVAL_SAME This <operation> will always result a value of <constant-value> Warning
UNARY_OP_MINUS_ON_NULL_ALWAYS_ZERO Unary minus applied to null is always zero Warning
UNARY_OP_COULD_NOT_MAKE_NUMERIC_COERCION Could not make numeric conversion for {0} operation Error
UNARY_OP_STRING_CONVERSION_NOT_GUARANTEED Type coercion for <name> operator not guaranteed for possible runtime types: <types> Warning
TERNARY_OP_CHOICE_IS_ALWAYS_SAME Choice argument is always {0}. {1} argument is always returned Warning