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EIG:Install into Apache Karaf

Installing ECF Remote Services SDK

Requirements: ECF 3.13+ requires Karaf 4 running on Java 8.

Install Via Karaf Console

karaf@root()>feature:repo-add http://download.eclipse.org/rt/ecf/latest/site.p2/karaf-features.xml
karaf@root()>feature:install -v ecf-remoteservices-sdk

The ECF Karaf Remote Services SDK is now installed.

To export an example remote service, see tutorial here.

Install Via Webconsole

karaf@root()>feature:install webconsole
  • Add the ECF Repository
    • From the Webconsole Main menu choose Main->Features
    • Add the appropriate <repo url> from above to in the text box, and select Add URL button


The available ECF's features will then be shown below (e.g. ecf-remoteservices-sdk)


  • Click on the arrow for the ecf-remoteservices-sdk feature/row underneath the Actions column to install.
  • When install is complete, the bundles list will have all ECF bundles active


The ECF RS SDK is installed and running in Karaf.