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Please see the parent of this page, EDT:IDE.

Debug is located at EDT:Debug.

IDE Functions

Function Area Function 0.7 1.0 Future
EGL Perspective
Completed bug 346111

Views EGL Parts List
In Plan bug 348219

EGL Parts Reference

EGL Data (used by VE)

EGL Debug Validation Errors

EGL Deployment Results

' EGL SQL Errors

EGL Validation Results

Project Explorer Convert to EGL project

Organize imports (files)
Completed bug 348392

Format (files)
Completed bug 348392

Copy, Paste, Delete
Completed bug 348070

Refactoring (Move, Rename)
Completed bug 348070

Improved refactoring
In Plan bug 349847

Misc (Link with editor, Filters, etc.)
Completed bug 346118

Hide folders (Do we want to hide certain folders?)
In Plan bug 351209

Source Editor Syntax highlighting

Outline view

Add import, Organize imports

Open on selection


Content Assist
In Plan bug 348207(XiaoBin)

Add Quick Fix functions for delegate and call back function
In Plan bug 351925(Forest)

More quick fix functions

Menu bar/editor pup-up menu actions (Fix context menus, Toggle comment, References, Declarations)

Ruler actions (Folding, Add task, Add bookmark)
Completed bug 350647

Wizards EGL Project

Data Table

Interface, Service

Library, Program

Package, Source File, Source Folder


WSDL 2 Java conversion (wsimport)

Xml Schema 2 Java Conversion (xjc)

Java 2 EGL conversion
In Plan bug 348119

Preferences Base

In Plan bug 346119

In Plan bug 348217


Rewrite error handling for Templates
In Plan bug 349562


Properties(Project,Folder,File) EGL Build Path

Allow multiple output directories
In Plan bug 351863

Search UI
Completed bug 346312


Misc Open Part

Optimize EGL Project Build Order?

Data Item Source Assistant?

SQL EGL SQL Errors view

Preferences - SQL

Preferences - SQL Database Connections

Properties - EGL Runtime Data Source

Source Editor - SQL Record (Retrieve SQL, View Default Select, Validate Default Select)

Source Editor - SQL Statement (Add, Add with Into, View, Validate, Remove, Reset)

Source Editor - Add SQL Prepare Statement

Rich UI Preferences

EGL Data View

Visual Edtior

New RUI Project Wizard

New RUI Handler & RUI Widget wizards (started)

Rich UI Widgets Runtime Widget Project, EGL & Dojo
In Plan bug 351279

Upgrade Dojo mobile widgets to 1.7
In Plan bug 351299


EGLar Support eglars and mofars in the builder

Add EGL source to EGLAR files

In Plan bug 347046
tooling able to access the source code in EGLARs

In Plan bug 347051
Add a read-only "sourceless" editor

In Plan bug 347061
Add a readonly source editor

In Plan bug 347060
Project explorer should show System Libraries (eglars) for a project

In Plan bug 347053
port EGLAR support code from RBD 8012 to EDT
In Plan bug 347065

Update indexing and search for eglars
In Plan bug 349857

Generator concerning EGLAR

In Plan

EGLAR Deployment

In Plan

EGLAR Debugging

In Plan

EGLAR VE (Showing Widgts packaged in EGLAR)

In Plan

Builder Rework project environments

Generation - Prototype new generation framework

Generation - Fully implement new generation framework

Generation - Report generation errors somehow

Investigate WCC, see if it needs to change for EDT

In Plan

Investigate fileinfo caches, see if they can/should be removed

In Plan

Rip out external project code
In Plan bug 348959

Add ability to specify which format (xml or binary) the IRs should be persisted
In Plan bug 347063

Notes on IDE Functions

  1. to be added

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