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EDT:How to update system parts

If you need to edit our system types (either the EGL or the Mof), to add new types or change existing ones, follow these steps:

  1. Bring up a runtime workspace (either from a Development workspace, or use an EDT build). I recommend you use a clean workspace.
  2. Load the following projects from
    • org.eclipse.edt.compiler
    • org.eclipse.edt.mof.egl
  3. The projects are EGL projects, so you will be able to make your changes in the EGL editor.
  4. If all has gone well, you should have NO validation errors in your workspace. If any validation errors show, try doing a clean build to see if the errors go away. If they do not, open a bug in bugzilla.
  5. If you have gotten this far, now you will want to package up the archive files. There are 2 ant scripts in the external tools dropdown. If you have made changes to the mof model (the egl source in edt.mof.egl), run the one named Build_MofEGL_MOFAR. Otherwise, your changes must be in edt.compiler. so run Build_Compiler_EGLAR.
  6. Now, you simply commit your changes to the .egl and EGLAR and/or MOFAR to Git.
  7. You will need to release the changed files so they are included in the build. You can either load the files from your development workspace and release from there, or if you are using an EDT build, you will need to follow the instructions in EDT:How_to_commit_code_to_EDT

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