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EDT:How to be notified of EDT bugs

You can configure Bugzilla to send you an email when someone opens a bug against EDT.

  • Go to the Bugzilla page listing EDT's components ( and log in.
  • You'll see each component has a Project Inbox. If you mouse over one of the Project Inbox links, you'll see it's a "mailto:" URL. For example, the Project Inbox of the JavaGen component is Depending on the browser, you maybe be able to right-click and select "Copy Email Address".
  • Open the Preferences link (at the top of the page) in a new tab or new window. Click on Email Preferences.
  • There's a text field at the bottom of the Email Preferences page labeled "Add users to my watch list (comma separated list)". Enter the email address of the Project Inbox for each EDT component you're interested in. Don't include the "mailto:" part of the URL.
  • Press the Submit Changes button.

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