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EDT:Guidelines for moving code from RBD

Some of the EDT code is inherited from IBM Rational Business Developer.  Below are some guidelines to follow when moving Rational Business Developer code to EDT.

  • Only move code that is necessary. The functionality in EDT is similar to CE so code for JSFHandlers, VGWebTransactions, TUIs, EGL Web Projects, etc. does not need to be moved.  We are not using build descriptors or deployment descriptors in EDT.  Some Rational Business Developer code might need to be rewritten in EDT.
  • The naming convention for packages is the plug-in name, followed by 'internal' if it is an internal package. Keep in mind that anything that is external will need to be documented. Each method needs Javadoc, which will be pulled into the Eclipse documentation for EDT.
  • Remove the 'EGL' prefix from any class that doesn't need it. For instance, it can stay in 'EGLEditor' for clarity's sake but isn't really needed in 'EGLFixCallbackAction'. In Rational Business Developer, we have packages where every class is prefixed with 'EGL'. In EDT, we can let the package name specify the context.
  • Fix the copyright block at the beginning of each class. Use the new one for EDT. If it is a new class written for EDT, just use 2011. Otherwise, use the year from the old Rational Business Developer copyright block and the current year (for example, 2005, 2012).
  • Clean up the code.
    • Remove @author and @since tags.
    • Remove any commented out code that has been around for a while and is not likely to change.
    • Revisit any code whose comments reference a bug.
  • Run a code scan on any new classes added to EDT from Rational Business Developer. The instructions are at You only need to run a code scan, not the other two types of scans.

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