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EDT:Downloading and installing EDT builds

Nightly EDT builds are now available.


The builds are available as "update sites". See the EDT downloads page to learn about prerequisites, which builds are available, and how to install them.

You can use Help > Check for Updates to get new builds after one has been installed.


What can you do with the builds? See the EDT home page and this wiki to learn more.

Quality and types of builds

At this time, we run Nightly builds, Milestone builds, and Release builds. Nightly builds are not tested and they may be unstable. Milestone and Release builds are well tested.

We make several kinds of builds. In addition to the update site, our Release builds are available as an entire standalone IDE.

In the future, we'll also make builds that contain subsets of EDT. For example, one build might contain only the EGL compiler and tools for working with IRs. Another build might be an EDT SDK which includes everything except the EDT UI tooling and debugger.

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