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EDT:0.7.0 Planning:Iteration 9

Iteration 9 runs from June 20 - July 8

Target line items - Bugzilla Search

  • Core
    • Compiler - front end needs to be designed - refactoring, validation framework, etc. and then tasked. (bug 347006
  • IDE
    • Generator builder
    • Editor

  • Services
    • Implement REST service invocation for Javascript gen (bug 346144)
    • Implement a proxy for Javascript service invocation (bug 346145)
    • Implement XML support for Javascript generation (bug 346138)
    • Deployment design, simple copy implementation
  • Javascript
    • Code contribution - start the CQ process for the JavaScript runtime. We'll start with the entire RBD JS runtime, and then strip out anything that won't be needed in EDT. (bug 348120)
    • generating a RUI library, JavaScript generation in general. Open extensible architecture. Also looking at hooking into debug - this needs to be explored. Need to look at 'purifying' the RUI gen, removing the RBD-specific aspects.
      • Runtime architecture
      • Support for records (bug 346925)
      • Templates
      • Universal UI model
      • Mobile strategy (later iteration?)
  • Javagen
    • refactoring core EGL language vs. RBD-specific (bug 346334) (itemize what is left, likely deferred to later iteration)
    • JPA design (bug 346425)
  • Determine scope of EGL Language
  • Test framework
    • Develop conformance tests for a type and a statement (bug 347153)
    • create tooling to parse the test framework results (bug 347221)
  • .