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EDT:0.7.0 Planning:Iteration 10


Iteration 10 runs from July 11 - July 22. This is last iteration in milestone 2.

Target line items - Bugzilla Search

Theme: Increase our Agile-ity

We haven't been doing an important part of the Agile process: planning our work based on a prioritized list of tasks. There are several reasons for this (we started with a very small team, and much of the work was either prototyping or doing it was obvious).  But we can't put it off any longer.

Part of the work for I10 will be to produce prioritized lists of tasks for the language, the IDE, and Core. We'll use them for planning Iteration 11 and beyond. The task lists are Wiki pages under EDT:Components_and_Functionality.

The task lists must include everything for version 0.7. It's OK to include tasks that we think will be done after 0.7.  Each task list has an owner (Language = Matt, IDE = Tony, Core = Paul). Completing the task list is the owner's most important job for I10. Each owner must have their task list approved by Tim and Will (Will is on vacation until July 12). Scott Greer should also approve the IDE task list.


  • Core
    • Task list
    • Compiler - front end needs to be designed - refactoring, validation framework, etc. and then tasked. (bug 347006

  • IDE
    • Task list
    • RUI Visual Editor?
    • RUI Widget runtime project
    • Mobile runtime project
    • Editor
      • Content assist (bug 348207)
      • working copy compiler (bug 348960)
      • port EGLAR support code from RBD 8012 to EDT (bug 347065)
        • Export an EGLar
        • Update indexing and search for eglars (bug 349857)
      • Improve RBD refactoring (bug 349847)
      • Create callback/delegate functions

  • Debug
    • Task list (part of the IDE list)
    • Variables view improvements
    • Run to line

  • Services
    • Task list (part of the Language list)
    • Implement REST service invocation for Javascript gen (bug 346144)
    • Implement a proxy for Javascript service invocation (bug 346145)
    • Implement XML support for Javascript generation (bug 346138)
    • Use a standard open source proxy?

  • Deployment
    • Task list (part of the IDE list)
    • deployment descriptors
    • simple copy implementation based on RBD
    • deploy services
    • deploy RUI Handlers
      • dynamic loading
      • static loading
      • modularize .js files

  • Javagen
    • refactoring core EGL language vs. RBD-specific (bug 346334) (itemize what is left, likely deferred to later iteration)
    • pass some compliance tests

  • Test framework
    • Develop conformance tests for a type and a statement (bug 347153)
    • create tooling to parse the test framework results (bug 347221)
    • adapt RBD JS tests to the test framework

  • Documentation
    • Extending a generator

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