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ECF Conference Call 8.24.2009


  • Scott Lewis


ECF 3.1

Scott will ask for ECF 3.1 review for ECF asap.


Signing for platform and core features should now be working. Markus now has ecfadmin group access at


Wim needs additional review for bug 285711 (Newsreader contribution). All committers please download and review the source code for the contribution if at all possible.

Google Summer of Code

Scott (and other committers) are heavily involved in reviewing Google_Summer_of_Code_ECF_Projects_for_2009. Any review and/or comment that ECF contributors and/or committers could do would be most appreciated. See the mailing list postings from the Summer of Code project leads.

Google Eclipse Day

Scott is presenting on Thursday at Eclipse_Day_At_Googleplex_2009

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