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ECF Conference Call 6.7.2010


  • Scott Lewis, Markus Kuppe, Harshana Eranga Martin, Pierre Henry Perret, Wim Jongman


Helios Releng

  • When/how to branch for Release_3_3?
    • Proposed: Thursday, June 10, 2010
  • XMPP server unit tests.
    • Markus contacted Mustufa about XMPP server.
    • Scott will look into failing remote service tests asap


  • Add Google adds to http://www.eclipse.org/ecf
  • Pledgie.com for sponsored builds...
    • Markus will send out email to ecf-dev (perhaps with Scott) proposing that
      • Committers approve the creation addition of web pages and sponsored links to ecf1.osuosl.org and/or the ecf2.osuosl.org (our OSU OSL sites), to allow for Google ads and/or sponsored builds.
      • Some ECF committers and/or contributors with good html editing skills be identified to update the OSU OSL web pages...and to update the eclipse.org web pages also.

Documentation Update

  • Scott has minimally updated the ECF help docs with links to the ECF remote services wiki pages...i.e. http://wiki.eclipse.org/ECF#OSGi_4.2_Remote_Services. If other committers or contributors have time, it would be very useful to
    • Update the content and links of the pages in this section: http://wiki.eclipse.org/ECF#OSGi_4.2_Remote_Services
    • Review and update the ECF SDK help docs (in bundle/project org.eclipse.ecf.doc)
    • NOTE: If you decide to do/help on any of these things, please coordinate via the ecf-dev mailing list.

Other Items