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ECF Conference Call 12.21.2009


  • Scott Lewis, Markus Kuppe, Ted Kubaska, Dann Martens


  • Status report on remote services implementation bug 290446 -- Scott has nearly completed the work on the OSGi 4.2 remote services implementation. This work requires some additions/changes to the ECF core (to support the config types and intents meta-data about providers/container types), so we now have to figure out how to get the changes for the core bundles into our own build (because we depend upon Eclipse as target platform for out build, so adding to our own core is problematic). MORE: It seems the build may be able to accomodate changes to our core bundles, so I (Scott) am going to commit the changes and see what happens. Once these changes are made, it will have the following effects for consumers:
  • Users of ECF example apps will not be able to install daily builds into Eclipse 3.5.1 (or earlier) and have them work properly. This is true because our core bundles come with Eclipse...and so users of the SDK get *old versions* of these core bundles (i.e. without the new additions).
  • Developers using ECF will need to either a) get the latest daily from Hudson ( and use these bundles as their target platform; or b) Get the ECF core bundle (org.eclipse.ecf) from CVS and put it into their workspace.
  • Status report on IPC development -- Clark has acknowledged find the source code in CVS, i.e. the entire project structure under /incubation/projects. Dann has discussed an issue with the FIFO implementation. His attempt to set up a test fails with a hanged process. This might be related to code health issues, after moving the project to ECF. Once the problem is pinpointed, and it is confirmed to be a real issue, Dann will submit the issue to bugzilla. Dann is investigating the use of the Java Platform Debugger Architecture (Java Debug Wire Protocol) to have JUnit-like tests run over two or more Virtual Machines.

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