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ECF Conference Call 11.08.2007


Thomas Hallgren, Markus Kuppe, Scott Lewis, Ogechi Nnadi, Remy Suen



Buckminster discovery needs are

  • Discovery of Eclipse instances (currently running and not running).
  • Discovery of Workspaces

The auto-configuration plugin seems to provide a good fit for these needs

We will begin using Ogechi's SOC work as the basis of an ECF discovery provider that supports the above requirements

  • Slewis Action: Scott to request OSU Open Source Lab accounts on ECF OSU OSL server for Ogechi and Thomas. After accounts are created, the auto-configuration plugin will be moved from to

Thomas (and Scott L) would like to examine the auto-configuration code before the move takes place.

  • Ogechi Action: Send a zip of existing plugins to Thomas ( and Scott (
  • Ogechi Action: Subscribe to mailing list by going here.

There are some pending changes to the Discovery API, and these should be completed as soon as possible to avoid disrupting implementation work on the auto configuration provider.

  • Markus Action: Markus will create a discovery API 'summary bug' to aggregate all the pending API changes and add Ogechi and Thomas to that bug. If support for API changes, test code, or refactoring existing providers is needed, Markus will ask for it.

ECF Contributions for Ganymede: Get them in NOW

For the 2007 Europa release train, the Eclipse Foundation imposed a hard deadline of January 31 for submission of all contribution questionnaires intended to be included in release train (~June 25 actual release date). It seems likely that this year the IP review load will be even heavier, so it's quite possible that an *earlier* deadline date will be imposed.

All ECF Committer Action: Get all CQs for all contributions submitted before January 1, 2008

This includes (but is not limited to)

  • jSLP 1.0
  • SLP provider
  • auto-configuration plugin
  • Smack 3.0
  • IAX provider
  • others...

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