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ECF Conference Call 1.8.2008

Proposed Themes

Shared Editing

  • Integration of Cola
  • Basic API for operational transformation-based synchronization
  • UI mechanisms for shared editing and supporting specific use cases like team code review, etc

UI and Example applications as outlined in M4 UI Work


  • Integration of Jingle provider (Moritz)
  • Integration of IAX provider (Roland)

Discovery, OSGi remote services, file transfer API

  • Support P2 project (file transfer, discovery, remote services) (Jan, Markus, Scott)
  • EclipseCon talks and demos (Jan, Markus, Scott)

Full integration of existing projects

  • Mylyn
  • SCP
  • Skype (mac support)
  • JXTA

Daily update site builds (for dev and ecf1 projects), and automated testing

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