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E4/Search Console/Coding Guidelines

Productive code

  • There must be clear separation between business and user interface logic. The search console makes use of the Model-view-presenter pattern where the user interface is a passive component managed by a controller.The following sequence diagram demonstrates an example interaction


  • Good coding practices must be followed:
  • Names of methods, classes and interfaces describe the intended behavior; code is self-documented and readable
  • Classes are recommended to communicate with each other via interfaces. This results in loose coupling and makes testing easier
  • Javadoc for public API is mandatory
  • Each feature must be complemented by automated tests which provide code coverage of above 70% (the more, the better)
  • Test driven development is the preferred implementation style

Test code

  • All tests must be automated
  • Tests are isolated (prefer unit tests over integration tests)
  • Mocking frameworks are used when implementing tests. Existing tests use Jmock 1.2, EasyMock, Mockito (all available in Orbit). Having experience with all these three frameworks, we recommend Mockito
  • User interface tests
  • Use SwtBot to simulate user interaction
  • Make use of the page object paradigm in order to isolate test implementation from the UI test framework (SwtBot). See package org.eclipse.platform.discovery.ui.test.comp.internal.pageobjects for examples of page objects
  • Use a dedicated test shell to embed the user interface under test
  • Productive code guidelines have to be kept for test code as well