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E4/Scripting/ESR Requirements

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This page gathers requirements from the interested parties of the Eclipse Scripting revival launched in August 2013.

Functional requirements

The Scripting Engine (SE) shall:

  • Provide capability to call any Eclipse API.
  • Be agnostic in term of scripting language.
  • Support at least Javascript and Python.
  • Be callable through the network.
  • Simplify the access to Eclipse API so that non-Java-aware users can call easily the commands they need.
  • Provide modern edition capabilities, including colorization and auto-completion.
  • Provide the mean to specify where (tool bar menu, pop up menu) and when (type of the selection, number of objects selected) the scripts are proposed to the user in the Eclipse UI.
  • Provide standard debugging capabilities.
  • Provide general purpose pragma mechanisms to support various meta-data: id, description, UI configuration, module loading, etc.
  • Provide an interactive console allowing to launch commands and display results.

The Scripting Engine (SE) may:

  • Support Groovy and Ruby.
  • Provide macro-recording capabilities.
  • Be able to generate a plug-in from a set of scripts for making their deployment easier.

Non-functional requirements

  • The Scripting Engine shall have good performances.
  • It shall be easy to port existing scripts (TOPCASED, EScript, etc.) to the Scripting Engine.