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Dependencies to Eclipse components

This page list the different components used in Papyrus and theirs status :

  • Xwt :
    • Papyrus uses a forked version version of xwt [1]
    • Status : since xwt is now in the release train, work will be done to reuse the official version (Theses features should be contributed #403757 #290952 #417409)
  • Emf facet
    • Papyrus uses a forked version version of Emf facet [2]
    • Status : waiting the first official release (outside incubation) to merged back
  • GMFT
    • Papyrus uses an extended version of gmft to generate uml diagrams [3]
    • Status : Checking if some contribution should be merged back in the official project

Internal Papyrus sub component

Some parts of Papyrus could be used "out of the box" and can be seen as independent project.

  • pdoc
    • A model for adding a local documentation and metadata to a plug-in
    • Status : ?
  • onefile
    • Offers capabilities (copy/paste/move...) to manage many files as one.
    • Status : ?

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