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Demo Program at CeBIT 2010

Agile Functional Testing with GUIdancer

Come and see real-time functional test automation in the context of an agile process! Based on testable requirements defined as a story, tests are written in parallel with the software development, and are run against a piece of Eclipse software as soon as it is available. The demo shows how GUIdancer benefits both agile and traditional processes by allowing quick and easy test specification coupled with low maintenance effort.

Alex Imrie
Bredex GmbH

Alexandra earned a degree and an MA in linguistics from York University before starting work at BREDEX GmbH. She is actively involved in various roles at the company – alongside dealing with customer communication, support, training and demonstrations, she also enjoys representing the customer perspective in the software development process. She has experience of working and testing in both traditional and agile projects.

Eclipse Runtime Tour

Many projects at Eclipse produce technology that is useful in a wide range of runtime scenarios. In this demo we'll take a quick tour of key runtime technologies at Eclipse. You'll get a bird's eye view of how the Eclipse Runtime ties together Equinox, cloud computing, AJAX, OSGi, database integration, dynamic provisioning, VOIP, XMPP, single sourcing, embedded computing, remote services and more -- all elements of modern real-world solutions and all available today in the Eclipse ecosystem.

Jochen Krause
Jochen Krause co-leads the Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) and Eclipse Runtime projects, and is a member of the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors and Architecture Council. Jochen has had a leadership role in the Eclipse community since its inception in 2002, and today is focused on driving Eclipse to be an application platform for web and desktop. Jochen is a founder of EclipseSource and has been bringing Eclipse technology to enterprise customers, while guiding strategic technical contributions to Eclipse. EclipseSource staff are involved in many Eclipse projects such as Equinox, PDE, RAP, ECF, p2, Riena, Eclipse Packaging and g-Eclipse.
Jordi Böhme López
Jordi works as an Eclipse developer and consultant at EclipseSource. He leads the commercial Yoxos Enterprise product team and is a committer on the Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) and Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP) projects. Jordi has built several Eclipse-based tools and IDEs since 2004 and has worked on a variety of commercial RAP applications.

Eclipse Swordfish — an Open Source SOA runtime framework for the enterprise

The Eclipse SOA Runtime Framework Project (Codename Swordfish) aims to provide an extensible framework that enables developers to create business applications following service-oriented principles. Building upon Apache ServiceMix and Equinox, the Eclipse Foundation's OSGi implementation, Swordfish adds enterprise features such as policy-controlled message processing, dynamic lookup of service metadata using a Service Registry and extensive monitoring and management capabilities, all based on seven years of SOA experience gained at Deutsche Post. We will introduce the audience to the basic architecture of Swordfish, highlight some of the features and give an update on the current state and the near-term and mid-term plans. Special focus will be laid on the extension points provided Swordfish, including a live demonstration of its capabilities.

Marcel Donges

Marcel Donges represents as a Principal Consultant the SOPERA GmbH at rollouts of Open-Source-SOA-Projects. In the last seven years he supervised and coached employees in european software development projects about critical applications in environments like CORBA, J2EE, MDA und SOA. He gained the basis of his technological knowledge and competence at Borland, where he later on has worked as a Technical Account Manager for the automotive branch, he established complex company-wide requirements for management processes at the producer and supplier industry.

BIRT live in Rich Information Applications

BIRT steht für „Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools“ und ist die führende Open Source Report-Development Technologie. In dieser Session wird live dargestellt, wie ein fertiger Open Source BIRT-Bericht durch Out-of-the-Box-Komponenten erweitert und zentral deployed wird.

Behandelte Themen:

- Eclipse Open Source BIRT
- Flash Charts und Gadgets in BIRT-Reports
- Zentrales und sicheres Server-Deployment
- AJAX-basierte Interaktivität für BIRT-Inhalte
- Adhoc-Reporting basierend auf BIRT

Thomas Hohmann
Thomas Hohmann ist seit 10 Jahren als Senior Sales Engineer bei Actuate tätig und verfügt über 25 Jahre Erfahrung in der IT-Branche. Nach Tätigkeiten in der Software-Entwicklung, Training, im Produktmarketing und Software-Vertrieb hat er sich mittlerweile auf den technischen Sales-Support im Bereich BI fokussiert.