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  • The Data Broker is instrumented as a WSDM resource
  • The Data Broker may support MEX.
  • The Data Broker should support the following WSDM capabilities
    • Identity
    • Manageability Characteristics
    • Operational Status
  • The EPR of the Management Domain is known to the Data Broker. This may done via a deployment descriptor.
  • The Data Broker must be able to manage WS-N subscriptions (b/c we don't have an open implementation of WS-BN)

Description of Flow

--> Needs to be reconciled. Broker undergoes initialization: Loops through the rows in the registry, ping each Data Manager for their status. If a Data Manager is reachable, set its state to "online"; otherwise, set it to "offline".

Broker waits for requests


Step 2: register(WSAddress, epr, String dataBrokerTypeURI)

The dataBrokerTypeURI is the proper namespace of the cosmos DataBroker. The namespace for the Data Broker is: The URI *should* resolve to an SML definition of the Data Broker.

Step 4: The preferred metadata dialect is WSDL.

Step 6: No other topics outside of WSDM are required at this point

To Do

  • Need to update this with the initial initialization of metadata from the MDR to the Data Broker

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