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Dali R1.0 Planning meetings - Wednesday

Attendees: Brian Vosburgh(Oracle), Shaun Smith(Oracle), Paul Fullbright(Oracle), Tran Le(Oracle), Karen Moore(Oracle), Neil Hauge(Oracle), Leonard Theivendra(IBM)

Wednesday, July 19th

9:00AM - Milestone planning (Determine initial high-level milestone plans)

  • September – M1
    • DTP Migration
    • New orm.xml prototype
    • Facets (may need to move to M2 based on model rework)
  • November – M2
    • Orm.xml implementation 20%
    • Annotation completion
  • January – M3
    • Orm.xml caught up with annotations
    • quick fixes/text markers (basic support)
    • Missing high-priority annotations (adopter requested, high use)
    • All wizards using WTP Wizard Framework that are able to. (Non-JDT UI related wizards)
    • Preliminary API/Extensions
    • Items that provide for adoption (public fields, fully qualified annotations, mixed access type, etc)
  • March – M4
    • Tabbed properties (if technically possible)
    • Merged View
  • May – M5
    • persistence.xml editing
    • basic automap
    • Map to binary classes
    • Text based query support with associated model
    • APT?
  • June – R1.0


  • DDL Generation? Answer – We will offload this to the JPA providers and create an extension point to integrated from the UI with this functionality

12:00PM - Lunch

Afternoon - Model design to support orm.xml and a merged view

Work item timeline:

Core Model – Phase 1(Paul-Karen)

  • Prevent use of internal API
  • For extension purposes

Core Model – Phase 2

  • Removing Adapters?
  • Orm.xml/annotation model support
  • Annotation Completion can start anytime
  • Facets must wait for Core Model P2
  • DTP Migration work can start anytime

Problems with current adapters:

  • Creation is painful
  • Emf-setters

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