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Dali R1.0 Planning meetings - Tuesday

Attendees: Brian Vosburgh(Oracle), Shaun Smith(Oracle), Paul Fullbright(Oracle), Tran Le(Oracle), Karen Moore(Oracle), Neil Hauge(Oracle), Leonard Theivendra(IBM), Chuck Brigham(IBM), Tom Deboer(IBM), Konstantin Kommisarchik(BEA), Gary Horen(BEA)

9:00AM - Adopter requirements gathering

  • Current extension points
    • Core Default Attribute Mapping extension point
    • Core Attribute Mapping extension point
    • UI Default Attribute Mapping extension point
    • UI Attribute Mapping extension point
  • Requirements
    • Support vendor specific annotations (O/R metadata) with the same short name as existing JPA annotations/elements (Fully qualified annotations)
    • Enable specific vendor extensions based on provider selection in the beginning
    • Need to be able to extend/enable new validation; think more on changing rules via extension
    • Extension points(Core + UI) for Type Mappings
    • Support vendor specific Persistence.xml properties (login, caching, etc), and validation.
    • Should not prevent, and better yet provide extension for “provider-orm.xml”
    • Fully adopt WTP Wizard Framework and Data Models
    • Ensure Wizards are extensible
    • DDL Gen extension point for plugging in your provider
    • Entity Gen extension
    • Provide extension for QueryHint values
  • Design notes
  • Validator framework provides hook into facet for extending validation
  • New Features
    • Validate data model names (e.g., Table) against database capabilities—limits available from RDB/DTP for target database
      • Warn when defaults will produce DDL with names too big
      • Warn when user provided data model names too big


  • How can we configure a Run Configish thing for boot JPA apps for specific providers?

12:00PM - Lunch

1:00PM - orm.xml implementation

  • What does the editing look like, how does it behave
  • Whiteboarding


  • Should be able to right-click anywhere inside XML to get global actions from the orm.xml pers. outline.

3:30PM - Facet implementation

  • See project creation flow chart
  • Talk to Tim and Konstantin
  • Generic JPA server could service JPA facet providers
  • Look at JSTCommonFacetCorePlugin
  • Define global insallation/provider/runtime that can be used for JPA classpath. For deployment, user will first have to copy jars.
  • Use project properties
  • JST.web facet JSTServletUI
  • Put together requirements to send Konstantin

4:45PM - APT implementation

Talked to Gary Horen

  • Discussed JDT annotation limitations
  • Gary is going to look into some of the annotation limitations discussed.


  • Importing archive to create Persistence project

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