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Dali Project/Weekly Meeting/October 29 2010

Dali Weekly Meeting



New Topics

  • High level JAXB design
    • Does generic JAXB need validation?
      • Yes...Shaun is of the strong opinion that we need to have generic validation for JAXB
    • Do we need some sort of mode dev mode for JAXB
      • Shaun thinks not, treat it just like JPA, meet in the middle is always valid
    • Incremental compile?
      • not for JAXB, maybe for DBWS, but there are issues there as well
    • Facets vs Platforms
      • Need to talk to Konstantin to figure out if we can manage the facets in a reasonable way for configuration, and if there is a way to alter the behavior of required facets
  • JAXB version support
    • Support 2.1 and 2.2 most likely, but still working this out

  • Naming for various JPA and EclipseLink artifacts in the UI
    • ORM Mapping File (for persistence.xml)
    • JPA ORM Mapping File
    • EclispeLink ORM Mapping File

Old Topics

  • Demos
    • JAXB Wizards (Tran)
    • Make Persistent wizard phase 2 (Karen)
  • Feature structure (Neil)
    • JAX-RS tooling may be a 3rd feature set for Dali, if there were tools
  • MOXy version support (Paul)
    • 2.1, 2.2, and Indigo need to be supported
  • JAXB project content priorities (Paul)
  • What would we want to do with extra resources?
    • Query
    • Metadata conversion
    • Usability
    • etc

Next Meeting

Action Items

  • Shaun will continue to investigate WAB, bundle root changes, etc.
  • OSGi JPA spec support - need to investigate this to see what things we may need to support for OSGi
  • Allow for sync options for the persistence.xml at the project level

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