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Dali Project/Weekly Meeting/January 21 2011

Dali Weekly Meeting


  • Neil, Tran, Paul, Karen, Shaun, Les, Nan, Brian


New Topics

  • JAXB Demo
    • Schema/namespace selection
    • Schema related code completion and validation
    • Explorer Content
    • Type level completion and valdation

Old Topics

  • JAXB
    • Schema UI, high level functionality
      • Follow WTP example of schema selection
    • Review Properties/Preference node names
      • Properties - "JPA" and "JAXB" nodes will exist when applicable at the top level
      • Preferences - "Java Persistence node will contain JPA and JAXB nodes
  • DBWS
    • EE vs SE mode

Next Meeting

Action Items

  • Shaun will continue to investigate WAB, bundle root changes, etc.
  • OSGi JPA spec support - need to investigate this to see what things we may need to support for OSGi
  • Allow for sync options for the persistence.xml at the project level

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