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Dali Project/Weekly Meeting/January 08 2009

Dali Weekly Meeting



New Topics

Old Topics

  • Do we ever plan on supporting multiple persistence units? Work on JPA 2.0 Delimited Identifiers could be done in a way that would lend itself to multiple persistence unit support. This would be more difficult, but good if we are supporting multiple PU's in the future.

[group] Not something that will be done in near term. Let's not code with this in mind unless it makes sense otherwise.

  • Can we need to remove the Utility Facet? What are the implications? What is the desired use case for SE and EE scenarios?

[group]lower priority than 2.0, would be nice to remove if possible before future facets are added. Will discuss further when Paul investigates.

  • M5 planning

[Neil]Let's change Dali 3.0 to Dali Helios with version number 2.3 to better follow platform versioning guidelines

Next Meeting

Action Items

  • Set up meeting to review metamodel gen with runtime

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